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My name is Anna Rosuł and I am a dentist with several years of experience.  My professional experience includes 10 years of practice in Denmark and more than 4 years of practice in Poland. 

I am constantly learning and developing to meet the requirements of the most demanding patients.  I guide patients through complex dental treatment.  On a daily basis, I deal with microscopic endodontics, cosmetic dentistry procedures and prosthodontics. Working with the Patient is not just a job, but my way of realising myself.  Patients appreciate me not only for my perfectionism, but also for my cordiality, gentleness and empathy.

  • Microscopic endodontics


  • Cosmetic dentistry 


  • Prosthodontics


Angielska Grobla 35H U4

+ 48 884 084 034

Gabinet MedSpec Dental w Tczewie

ul. Wojska Polskiego 28 (obok basenów TCSIR)

+48 881 755 714 / +48 58 777 11 77


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